Best diamond shoe for amy J.R. Smith?

I guess it is the Kyrie 3’s that does + Ball control + Speed with ball +driving layup and + contested 3? Was wondering if it would be better at all to do a moving 3 point shoe? The Nike moving 3 point shoes don’t boost speed with ball or ball control though. And they seem overpriced to be honest. Not sure how many contested 3’s I will take with him though. I know when someone is on fire that moving 3 can be OP.

FYI my D’antoni boost already gives J.R. at +4 open 3, open mid, speed, ball control, and driving layup. So he has 98 open 3 without a shoe.

I also just got Diamond Iggy. I take it I should just go with open shot 3 + ball control for him.

I put the red Kobe on Iggy… He has a shower shot, so more if a chance of a defender closing out

But the other boost make me more confident with him handling the ball

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