Best Diamond cards this year?

PDs are great and all but we normally see the same pd cards in everyone’s roster. What are some key diamond cards you just won’t replace or that you keep coming back to even this deep into the cycle of 2k?

Diamond Sabonis is too good. Probably better than any PD center.

I’m thinking of making a diamond exclusive lineup as my secondary to run MTU. Shake things up a bit.



Kawhi is beastin


Ak47 still in my starting lineup just can’t let him go haha


I wish i was good with ak47. Im better with penny smh


kawhi, j smoove, paul george, marc gasol, and melo for me


Kiki. Best off the dribble shooter not named JR for me

Ak47 and Melo


Mr. AK-47

Penny, Melo, Kawhi, AK… Drummond, I guess? I don’t use any diamond bigs. Got Mutombo, Hakeem, and Oden.

Emeka Okafor is a criminally underrated card.

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I tried him and hated him. I wanted to like him, too.

Yeah I’m like that with a few players I wanted to like but can’t use as well.

Have any of you invested an expensive diamond shoe on these cards?

My First Diamond was Granger. It was amazing back then, when base 11 was not that famous.

I gave Melo the orange CP3s several months ago. Otherwise, no.

I thought we were done sleeping on bob love, guess not

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Full Line Up:
Penny Granger AK JSmoove Sabonis

DLo Melo Kawhi B.Love Gasol

That Line Up could be Very competitive. Maybe run Ak at bench point and get another SF or PF to not be cheese to death…

Ok let’s just Add Pippen as 11th man…
… Porzingis could be added as well

Auctionable: Kawhi, Sabonis, Granger, Marc Gasol all come to mind. AK47 is probably the best one though, however not everyone is willing to do the collector levels for him

Sabonis, Ak-47, Josh Smith, Melo, Gasol.