Best defender for PD Magic

PD George?
97+ Lebron?
98 or PD kawhi?
98 Simmons?

Amethyst Bobby Jones


When I had Magic the 1st time, the guy I hated to go up against the most was Giannis. Any of the cards you mentioned would be good options though. A good bit of the time, you’re going to find your opponent using him at PF, so be prepared for that.

Edit: Also @DaNali’s Jerry West (his specifically). I hated his Jerry West card more than any card I’ve faced this year.


Down for a God Squad friendly? I’ll have Jerry come off the bench! CP3 will warm his spot up!

I would totally be down, but I have to go to work right now and stay overnight while a floor crew does the floor strip and wax at my store. Also, I caught @Ddrop’s weird error code bug and haven’t been able to start a game online or offline all day. FML.

It’s the shoes!

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I fucking hate your profile picture lmao.

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Yup. I’ve always been able to run at least 11 out of 13 cards with diamond shoes. He needed help testing out the theory, so I threw a pair of shoes I had laying around on Tim Duncan to try to run 12 PD’s with diamond shoes. It’s given me the error code ever since, except for 1 offline game where I tried using 9 diamond shoed cards (again, always has worked fine with 11)… I cancelled the offline game, tried to run a preseason game, and it gave the error code with that lineup. I’m ticked the heck off. It’s been doing it for every game now, no matter the lineup.

He’s holding an extended finger for every ring he has… I’ll have to change it next year when he has a fourth one I guess.


He should get an asterisk tattooed on that third finger and then his fourth. We all know Wikipedia will have a footnote next to each of those championship years for…

…when a snake showed his true cowardly colors …or…

…when an emotional lesbian agreed to a one-year 5M contract to win a ring…

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LeBron tends be the best defender I play against.

The rings will cover the tattoos, so it’s all good :sunglasses:

Especially his cock ring.

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That’s where he’ll wear #6 I think. All though he could probably go a head and use one now while the Dubs are straight up boning the entire NBA.

I will give Sam Presti credit. He’s a great GM for you guys.

Oh, wait.

The same Sam Presti who traded away an MVP?

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Drain his stamina on offence so u might strip. Diamond Westbrook is giving him hell, so basically any guard with a great dribble package does the job. Ankle breaker works against Magic thx to the lack of d badges. Westbrook has strenght and height enough to hold him. Simmons, Lebron, Pippen etc… these are usual options.

Magic has a hard time with small guards unless in the post


Agreed, Magic can’t chase my Curry through HOF brick wall screens :slight_smile: