Best Decades packs to open?

Might give up on the game anyways but if i dont pull anything im done for the year likely( i hope). what are best odds or best players you can get from em?

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2010s has lebron and other high value guys… 2000 has shaq tho

2010 pull 2 opal simmons for someone that wanted me to open packs for him in the same box

Since it’s VC only I wouldn’t do it if you’re on the edge of like giving up.

But to answer your question 2000’s I think has the most high value cards.

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Hmm true. But if 2010 has lebron and simmons im considering it. I feel so bored of 2k and just bored of video games in general

Also has kd

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Shaq would be nice tho aha

Shaq is the only player I’ve yet to snipe at 100k. Truly mythical.


Add KD to that list, but it also has the higher risk at shambles with BIN opals.

Old School still has MJ, Kareem, Oscar, Bird, Magic with the lowest risk of BIN opal shambles

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Stay strong my friend.

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If you’re bored with the game why give them more money?

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Idek lol. I guess I still play it but i know ill likely still return to it

and of course Shaqs price magically goes up 200k when he’s put back in packs. Smh ill never understand it

True. We def are near endgame early now so idk