Best Countries in the World

Regardless of our political state, the United States is still numero uno! All other countries don’t even come close!

(I just wanna start some shit)


nah mate, it’s Japan

Oof. This is calling for the lock.


U.S.A. – let’s get it boys!

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Our country actually spends a reasonable amount of our taxes on the Military unlike most other countries (especially European countries)! Fuck too much on social programs and healthcare! Yea! U.S.A!!!

Our President has orange skin! Fuck, yeah! U.S.A.!!!

Japan already lost the head to head matchup

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Trinidad & Tobago

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Our country (The US of A) is in HUGE debt though lmao

Weed is legal in Canada. Move along peasant @DaNali


USA is fun when I want to go to the extremes. But having grown up across 4 different continents (5 countries), I have to say Canada for me remains at the top. Chill, friendly, diverse, multicultural, huge.

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Yeah but we’re two time World War champions. Not many countries can say that


Japan blew all of their VC and MT on bad packs too-early in the year!

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That doesn’t stop most from enjoying it here :wink:

Canada is cold! Alcohol prices are controlled by government-ran monopolies! Boo!

Go U.S.A.!!!

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nigeria and Iraq for the good people!

Back-to-back* – can’t forget that.

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Shoutout for England…only because I know nobody else will mention it…probably for good reason

boi Japan got stores several stories high dedicated to sex toys and adult entertainment

That’s straight up creepy! Japan weird AF!!!


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Japan got talking high tech toilets