Best coach

What’s the best coach for this squad karr or d’antoni? And if d’antoni what’s the odds i run into the pb glitch

The answer is always D’Antoni. Get used to a freelance in case you get glitched.


Couldn’t agree more

any freelances u recommend?

I like 4 out 1 in but don’t really rely on the movements, it’s more about spacing.


thanks i be using 4 out 1 in often so glad it works out

@star5CR34M /threaded this real quick

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Ok cool i run the Princeton chin freelance and love it

I actually think Kerr is better…plus five rebounding positions 3-5 with offensive and defensive rebounding 4/5 and the on ball D-IQ is pretty huge.

One thing I notice is that Hakeem with white Kobes seems to green just as easy as he does with Dantoni.

I’d actually say defensive coach all day if it wasn’t for the takeovers…Kerr is a good balance. Picks up your D and rebounding while still giving a three point boost. Players are so fast now the speed boost with Dantoni is pointless.


Great point

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