Best Cheap options

what are some of the best cheap cards to use right now?

One of the Best for Value

PD Cousins

Smart, Isaac, Bamba, Maker, Lance, Hibbert…

Yao for 30k is a steal too imo

Bro so many good cards for cheap all of the throw back moments cards the diamond jr Smith went toe to toe with my pd jr one game I played That diamond Chris Webber is good you got a boat load of great amethyst cArds manute bol lance stephenson is by far the funniest sleeper card I’ve ever played with if you have tokens diamond Brandon Ingram Pd Bradley Beal and diamond John wall duo is a great back court cause John wall speed makes him a monster I loved His ruby card not gonna lie the diamond is amazing. You got thrill bailey and zou Qi who are still amazing budget ballers

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alot of good options how much is diamond JR?

i have him hes so good

im 100% getting all them

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dont wanna be that guy but there is a topic about this almost every day, just use the search function :slight_smile:

whoops didnt realise my bad

Madness cards are almost free… if you like small shooters, Jimmer hits 3s like curry and costs 35k rn. Laettner is like 10k also