Best centre under 150k?

On PS4, need a stop gap while I work my way to 150 tokens for Boner.

Can KG or Duncan hold their own? Front court mate is GO AD. Thinking KG/TD/KP. Any other thoughts? O have KAT locked but don’t love his release…

Have Hakeem already starting, this is for the bench.

PD Porzingis or GO Hakeem :innocent:

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Height and shooting worth it over the insane stats of a KG?

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Got Hakeem as my other centre :slight_smile:

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Yeah I’m not sure KG Can handle 7 footers :thinking:

Do you have enough for PD Sabonis??

Hakeem definitely.

Post game is definitely worth it.

Release isn’t as good as new KG release, but he can pick and pop 3s perfectly adequately.

Marc Gasol is also a good budget option.

Nah that’s what I’m saving for. This is someone to hold the spot warm for boner. Got 70 tokens.

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Thanks man, I should have mentioned it’s for my back up C and got Hakeem starting

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PD Porzingis is Really Good.
Marc Gasol too if you don’t mind a slow release

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Oh I see.

Marc Gasol would be a great backup.

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Yeah I miss KP. Will go with him or KG most likely

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