Best centers?

Who do u guys think r the best centers in the game kinda need 1. I wanna go on a run for gary payton and i assume my best chance of getting him is have the best team i can have? Correct me if im wrong please

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Yeah…Knowing your budget and play style would help.

Porzingis is working for me. Eventhough he is missing some key defensive badges, his wingspan and height is doing the work + he has decent shot.

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I second Porzingis.
Had PD KAJ, but decided to sell as his price has gone quite high again. And even though Porzingis lacks some badges he was doing just as much, if not more than KAJ

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Who got the link for the new spot. Someone DM it to me

Lamarcus and play pick&pop with him

super fun

I use deandre jordan now. I honestly just use my centers for literally nothing but sitting under the rim lol. Anything under 100 tho.

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After a few games trying. Myles is easily the best for me. Mutomboish defense with less bateable release. My favo budget center is signed ruby Gobert.


I have Bbbbbbbbbbbig-ben Wallace , i did love him until he got murdered by KAJ , so i’d say Kaj , height is way too important under the basket

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I just juiced jordan with block, inside defense, speed, strength and stamina. Diamond boost on all but speed. He at 99 defense now. Hopefully i like him. Havent played with the juiced one yet

I agree.

I find him to be the best value in terms of price and effectiveness at the position. He plays the perimeter well enough defensively that I even play him at the four from time to time.

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What about masked Laimbeer? He’s great for budget ballers, he was so great for me in draft that I had to buy him. His release sucks but other than that he’s a beast.

got raef lafrentz from TT. seems like a beast to me (previously I had Ibaka on center)

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Any recommendations on Bosh to those who have played with him?

I used him to do the xp. He was pretty good i didnt use him long to have a solid opinion but i thought he would be better.

Shaq , no question lol .

Ha is unstoppable.

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Diamond mutumbo sometimes blocks people while facing the wrong way lol. Lots of fun.

No Admiral mentioned ?