Best Centerpiece’s for under 200k?

Who would you recommend I pick up as my centerpiece, and player to build around?

Here is my current lineup.

Giannis and Kareem are must keep based on invested time, and Kidd is almost the same. Simmons is from the code so can’t move him.

My initial though is to pick up PG as my go to, and maybe upgrade lance to Rudy? Thoughts? I have 240k to spend.


rudy gay is a must at his price


I also used his release for years in mycareer, so I hope it’s a match made in heaven!

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PD Tmac you can snag for under 200k

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Hmmmm, was not expecting this. Currently browsing tmacs lol

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All-Star Kawhi is around that price, you can put him on their best player 1-4 and he’s got an easy release/post game

PG13 hands down.

He’s also on my watch list. I really like him and pg as players, and individuals, so they definitely rank high on my list. Adding PD Tracy to the list

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Get TMac and Gay

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Why do you like the Tmac over PG?

Tmacs always the best card every year

I mean are we talking a wide gap between the two?

Idk I dont really use Paul George cards. He’s good but I prefer KD Bird and TMac over him

vince is cool

With 200K I’d use 50 to get Rudy Gay, he can lead your team. Spend the remaining 150 as you like :grinning:


Except prices have rebounded today, and my sniping skills are sub par lol. I missed him for 2k 2 nights ago :sob: I’m pretty much sold on him. Tmac is really close to 200 so that kind of limits me on what all I can do. I’ve started to entertain the idea of PD wade as well, just not sure.

Well that answers whether or not I’ll get wade! Just sniped him with diamond contract for 69k! First good snipe this year!