Best Card You Ever Quicksold?

Pulled an amy draymond last night and hit quicksell by accident smh. How about you folks?

I put Diamond MJ as a BIN for 100K last week. That’s probably worse than quick-selling an amethyst!

Quick sold 2 serge ibaka saphhires when they were worth like 40k lol

Quicksold diamond 95 RWB weeks ago

That one hurt me lol

bin 100k first diamond yao last year. I was a sad boi.

probs diamond whiteside, card was going for <2k on pc

100k bin on diamond Donovan Mitchell when he first came out

Ruby Dragic

Hey at least you got your MT right quick :smirk:

Worst quick sell? Just a Magic playbook, thankfully.

Amy paul goerge last week, pulled 2 in 1 box and quicksold accidentaly lmao

I have probably quicksand a lot of them, only recently realized that it sells for as much as it does…

Sapphire I.Thomas discarders, put yo hands in da air!