Best card I can get for 50k? (Not siakam)

What are y’alls thoughts

boogie, JJJ, towns

What position you looking for

Any position besides center?


diamond evo bruce bowen

Amy t macs release is straight butter

PD Xman :ok_hand:

PD xman
Diamond ross
Diamond JJJr

That steady shooter badge is a real problem for me bc I only take open jumpers & it nerfs open jumpers.

Best card for 50k…that diamond Jaylen Brown is much better than Bowen imo. He’s 40kish

Diamond Jamaal Wilkes is 12k

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Amy Penny? I sniped a point guard Luka and was using him as a bench PG but then I compared stats/badges and immediately put Luka up for the 50k.

Also Moncrief is going under 25k thanks to the new packs. A 6’3 point guard with 98 perimeter d and 98 steal and Hof clamps. Not bad

y’all been hyping him up so I’m gonna pick one up based on the recs

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I want to use Luka but man, his defense lol

Yeah I used him for a couple games. He was fun trying to get iso 3’s with and HOF dimer is nice. But Stockton also has HOF dimer and I’m finally getting good with him. If you like Luka though just get him. He’s 6’7 so you can always try to hide him somewhere on D