Best card for each tier

Playing limited some of us want to use the best card possible meaning the one you dominate, have an advantage and can just outplay other cards. So what are the cards as of now which are your go-to cards. See below what I think, some are obvious, some can be argued. Who do you have?

Lets start easy with Golds all the way to the top. I skip bronzes and silvers as they are even to low for limited requirements (at least I hope :joy:)

Gold (no brainer):
Damon Jones

Emerald (no brainer):
Daequan Cook

Saphire (no brainer):
Matt Barnes

Kevin Porter Jr. (Thad Young very close 2nd)

Amy (first tough one):
still Dino? (maybe Bagley)

Diamond (next tough one):

PD (no brainer):
2Bol :joy:




is matt barnes better than novak?


Gold: Damon Jones

Emerald: Jeff Green

Saphhire: Novak

Ruby: Bonga (MPJ is close)

Amy: De’aron Fox (I know I am alone but he is so damn fast)

Dia: Sean Elliott

PD: Ben S

Opal: Admiral

DM: haven’t had Any.


Halliburton is great but I just don’t find him as magi al as everybpdy else.

Honorable mentions:
PD Bowen and Opal Marion. I love those two.

At this point I use mainly rewards. Had some baaaads sales so lost a lot of MT on Opal AD and Tmac


I’m on the Amy De’Aaron Fox and Diamond Sean Elliott team with ya - although I do love Amy Dino (especially with some added HOF badges). Elliott just doesn’t miss and his shot is so easy. Halliburton is great too, so maybe it’d be better to do this by position?

I’ll nominate Silver Bol Bol and Silver Thon Maker. Those two and Ruby KPJ destroy the CPU in TTOff for me.

Gold Robert Covington badged up is also really nice and has good defensive tendencies. And gold Nerlens Noel and Mo Bamba are pretty fun, too (for golds, at least). Nothing like Damon Jones and his wet jumper.

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Gold: Damon Jones
Emerald: Daequan Cook
Sapphire: Jabari Parker
Ruby: KPJ
Amethyst: Bonner
Diamond: Sim Bhullar
Pink Diamond: JJJ
Opal: Danny Ferry
DM: Ben Simmons

Bronze - Nick Richards
Silver - Jevon Carter
Gold - Mo Bamba or Damon Jones
Emerald - Daequon Cook
Sapphire - Matt Barnes or Hamidou Diallo
Ruby - Thaddeus Young (by a mile)
Amethyst - Derrick Jones Jr. or Matt Bonner
Diamond - Haliburton
PD - Bowen
Opal - Hondo
DM - Simmons


Best Pd card is L40 reward JR Smith lol.


Hmm I don’t know. He wouldn’t even be the best Diamond LOL. I’d rather use Haliburton.

Agreed 100%.

Based on price, Bronce: Blinders.

Gold: Mo Bamba
Emerald: Cook
Saphire: Novak
Ruby: Young with handle for days
Amy: Matt Bonner
Diamond: Lamelo
PD: Bol Bol
GO: OOP Durant
DM:Simmons on next gen and Grant Hill on current gen

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Wait, how, why?

Haha I know… I’m the minority.

He is a demon at everything imo. And I kinda like his shot

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Said nobody ever

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Gold: Tyron Lue
Emerald: Daequan Cook
Saphire: Steve Novak
Rubi: Thaddeus Young
Amy: Precious Achiuwa
Diamond: Tyrese Haliburton
PD: Bol Bol
GO: Danny Ferry
DM: Ben Simmons

Yeah three of new collection and justice winslow are a really good diamond too

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Gold: Damon Jones
Emerald: D Cook
Sapphire: Ja Parker
Ruby: KPJ
Amethyst: Dino
Diamond: Zion
PD: Terry
Opal: Ferry

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For me personally

Gold: JJ Barea, 3 pointer almost as high as Damon Jones but much faster and much better ball handling

Emerald: Honestly don’t recall

Sapphire: Novak, but Deshawn Stevenson is a close 2nd. Good 3 and D wing with an easy release

Ruby: Thad Young, MPJ is good too. Low key a HUGE fan of Yuta Tabuse

Amethyst: Dino, though the new Matt Bonner is giving him a run for his money.

Diamond: Haliburton, easiest so far.

Pink Diamond: Bol Bol, before him I really liked Dumas, really liked OOP Magic, and the new Korver is fun. But Bol Bol blows them all out of the water.

Galaxy Opal: Giannis, no question since I bought him he’s been arguably my best card overall including Dark Matter cards. Honorable mentions include OOP Durant, I’ve used Michael Redd a ton since getting him, Julius Randle is very fun to use, and Billy Owens was neat too.

Dark Matter: Honestly the toughest call for me. Overall probably Wilt. His shot was never difficult for me and that was arguably his only weakness. KAJ was fun, Melo is a great scorer and nice to have, and if you get his shot down Bosh is super underrated. Also just got the JR Smith last night so I’m starting to use him now and he’s better than I expected. Kobe was kind of disappointing for me but I’ve never been good with Kobe cards.


Gold: Danny Green w/duo active
Emerald: Daequan Cook
Sapphire: Steve Novak
Rudy: KPJ
Amy: Matt Bonner
Diamond: Klay
PD: Bol Bol
Opal: Luka or Giannis
DM: Ben Simmons

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Silver: that tall Boban dude
Gold: Danny Green (w/duo)
emerald - Dequan Cook
Sapphire: Diallo
Ruby: Big bad Thad
Amythest: All trash - I guess Dino?
Diamond- tyrese
Pink Diamond- JJJ
Opal - Luka
Dm- wilt

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