Best card for Adidas rebounding shoe?

I have the Adidas shoe that improves:

+9 Defensive Rebounding
+9 Offensive Rebounding
+9 Strength
+9 Contact Dunk
+9 Standing Dunk

Thought about using it on PD Bird, but some of it might be wasted since I run McHale at PF so Bird is always at SF.

PD Magic best card for this shoes.
Also PD T-Mac with this shoes monster.

PD TMac — no doubt.

I would’ve said Bird, but only if you run him at PF. I have him with this shoe and he’s a beast!

Even if I would only play him at PG/SG? My feeling is it’s a good shoe for someone who is normally a true SF that you want to run at PF but low strength/rebounding

What about KD?

EDIT never mind he can’t wear Adidas…

TMac can better play the 3 or even 4 with the shoe. Hes a lord.

Ive got tmac with this shoe. Definitely boosts its weaknesses with the right badging. But if your selling this is really great for 99 magic… you in xbox right?

Yes sir and I actually have 99 Magic and not using him. However at this point in the game I’m mostly interested in having fun with some different cards that I might not have used (versus making lots of MT). I thought about putting this shoe on Magic and running him at PF but that might be a little too ‘out of position-ish’ for me lol

So ideally it would be cool if I could use this shoe and suddenly turn a SF that I would never have considered using into a pretty solid PF or something like that

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Magic is a great PF… maybe one of the best in the game. Don’t feel too bad about using him there since he actually did play PF some in real life lol.

Bird or Magic.

Quick question. I start PD Magic at PG and PD Lebron at PF is it better if I switch them?

I think Perfect LeBron is a great choice at PF, you won’t get the same low-post offense and defense from Magic there. Meanwhile Magic has all the attributes and badges you need for a PG. LeBron does too, but has those extra attributes you usually only get from elite big men

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Yeah, I would leave Magic at PG if Lebron’s your PF.