Best card/cards to badge out for profit?

Been sitting on a ton of HOFs, who would be the best cards to badge out to make some MT ? PG yao maybe?

PG Yao would likely be perfect to badge up.

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I just sold an 80 HOF PG Yao for 450k… Be careful. You’re likely not going to get as much as you want, haha


True thanks, it seems like nothing really is going to net a lot after looking at the market as of now

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It’s end game, badging cards out this late is almost pointless. I’m just badging out my Rudy Gay and Tacko for personal use now.


Same. Decided to badge out my inv Giannis with the badges from hardens Dom. Pretty free tbh.prob badging inv Yao next cause I fuckin love that card

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I’d just add it to the most valuable lower tier cards you use and actually feel the impact. Like a late game Diamond or Ammy that you’d use in limited a bunch. I have a few of those cards and they legit are difference makers. I even have a PD Danny Ferry with close to 40 HOFS. Just saying, if you have the 450 For PG Yao you prob don’t need the few MT you’ll get at this stage. I’m worried to sell my fully badged out 64 HOF Taco. Might just keep him we’ll see. He’s still the best guy to play next to Yao / incredibly rare. Doubt you have the hofs to fill him up, if you do possibly a Taco