Best budget squad

In your opinion what is the best budget squad that somewhat fits the Meta?

Penny / Mo pete / Miles / Porzingas / Kat

Get hedo, get jimmy butler, learn pick n roll screen cheese

I’d say Amy Giannis over penny. Unless Amy’s don’t count as budget.

Cheap cards are budget

depends on the budget

Swap Penny for Hedo and this is the budget godsquad


I’d say hedo but he aint 5k anymore lol theyre all like 30k+

True I wish I had stocked up on him when he was at his cheapest… but if you don’t have 30k at this point in the game with all the codes and free PD’ s something is wrong

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Penny/Flight-School TMac/D Miles/ Porzingis/ Ruby Yao

I would run something like this, for realy small budget ( like only ruby higher tier )

but they are a lot of good amy out here like wiggins, butler hedo obviously and more

And after you can like upgrade with amny tier. those are the best option in my opinion, they are no joke.


Ok y’all, here’s a real budget squad (coming from a guy who prefers budget squads (and have been using them for years)
Here’s my squad for example:

Starting 5:
PG- Sapphire Felton (I’m saving up for better budget PG’s in the future)
SG- Amy Hayward
SF- Hedo (I got Hedo for 5k a month ago)
PF- Ruby KAT
C- Sapphire Giannis

Backup Lineup:
PG- Geoff Petrie
SG- Ruby Pascal Siakam / Emerald Ariza
SF- Ruby Pascal Siakam / Emerald Ariza
PF- Ruby Darius Miles
C- Sapphire Jaren Jackson Jr.

Here’s my other budget squad:

Starting 5:
PG- Sapphire Felton
SG- Eddie Jones
SF- Ruby Marcus Morris
PF- Emerald Brook Lopez
C- Sapphire Jaren Jackson Jr.

Backup Lineup:
PG- Ruby Scottie Pippen / Sapphire Kukoc / Ruby Bogues (If I feel like it)
SG- Ruby Mitch Richmond
SF- Emerald Ariza
PF- Ruby Ayton
C- Ruby Artis Gilmore

Again, I’m still waiting for the cheap budget PG’s in the future

The amny starter i link before can compete with any godsquad. maybe embiid over cousins, didnt try this new cousins but i guess he is good his ruby was nice


I tried the cousins he’s a dog he can dribble too

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yeah thats some nice player aswell, they are so many options you cant get them all. i realy like this chambers

Budget squads are fun to use, as I start to getting sick with standard PD Magic/George/Pippen/Griffin/Kareem
linups -my own included.

I often running Ruby Oden/Ruby Knox/ Saff Marciulionis
But the important thing in this budget teams are centers with 3’ so you can run a plays for them, against off ballers.

Also 80% of time your opponents can be confused as they are not a cards that they play against daily basis.

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But you ain’t a budget baller if you don’t believe in the budget god center himself, Sapphire Larry Sanders.

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I would say either that or great post up centers for offball.

I personally prefer to attack offball posting up, because the CPU is BBQ chicken on the block.

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