Best budged cards for sg?

Lookin for some cheap options on my second account for sg option. Scooped PG ruby fully badged for 3k, but he only got 80 open 3, also got Mobley but he a lil short ( thought good and got base 11), any other good options with emphasis on Cheap and 3 point shooting and height ?

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How cheap you wanna go?

This could help:

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Was morr looking into rubies (mainly) and cheap amies :slight_smile:

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Sweet! Let’s make that list here haha

There aren’t many SG amy shooters under 10k, but I think you’ll find some solid rubies for sure

Buddy is top of my list. Stunning release

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I’ve only played a few PvCPU games with AM Cooper but I like him so far. Shot isn’t quick but, to me, isn’t slow. Smooth. Pretty strong 3&D&D (Dunking). Only real negative point is the 82 BC.

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Agree on Coop. I love him too, but his outside shot is shaky. If you’re looking for shooters he may hurt you a bit.

Ruby Cuttino is an excellent shooter
Rip is also pretty solid and a bit taller I think

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Not even joking but kieth van horn and kerry kittles are extremely fun budget guys to play with.

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There’s ruby Klay of course

You could also run ruby Hayward at the 2. He’s pretty cheap


What do you mean by “shaky”? Too slow, or you don’t shoot reliably with him…or both? (Just curious.)

Heat Check or Ruby Klay, Ruby D Miles does well 1-3, Sapphire Kobe was a budget god early on and still may be decent.

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SA Kobe does work, but he’s really expensive for a SA card. As in 25K+.

More to do with consistency:volume. I like his release and the pace is fine, but I can’t rely on him for a heavy dose of threes. He hits the odd one, but his athleticism is where I think his real strength is.

Oh damn, I didn’t realize he was still that high. Figured his diamond card and all the other flashy SG’s would have lowered his price

That makes sense. He has 3pt plays but I guess I wouldn’t think to spam them for him, for example.

But strikes me as pretty outstanding 3&D (with 3pt play type especially) for the price.

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Overpriced due to being part of an early Theme set, and I guess also because he’s the cheapest Kobe.

Whenever we get some cheap Ruby Kobe, I would imagine the value would drop by a good 10K.

He was the card I was most looking forward to in the release. They don’t always do Coop justice, but this is my fave one yet. The defense is great and he’s a menace on the break. For his price he’s worth the pickup for anyone

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Ruby rip hamilton

I see Sam Jones fairly low and got great badges, might try him out, he was dod in 2k18 for me.

You could grab that new ariza

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Amy lowry does everything you want other than being tall lol