Best bin sg/sf xbox

I’ll have about 200k and need to find two players for these positions. What are some of your favorites badges on value, release, badging and attributes. Thanks fellas.

any suggestions would help lol, just started

Redd and Reddish imo

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this guy is replacing pg so reddish wouldnt work, does redd have base 8 this year?

I dont think base 8 is really a thing this year.

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Redd has ray allen base and Jordan release.
Kawhi has ray Allen as well. It’s just beautiful

Redd, Huerter, Batum
Edit: or wait to see how cheap PD Tmac will be this weekend


Huerter is better than Redd IMO.

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Completely agree

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not a lineup thread but this is me rn, trying to replace bridges and upgrade or switch shai or move shai to bench point and switch brogdon

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You can sell both and have enough to buy Huerter and redd. Both are cheap enough to buy and sell back if you don’t like em

redd if fire