Best Bin PG

Looking for a backup PG. Dont wanna spend over 100k, leaning towards Westbrook or maybe Lillard.

Westbrook does it all with a big player model.

He feels like the obvious choice lol


Westbrook and it’s not even close man. He is a full blown animal. I always hated Russ cards but this one is special.

Does he have deadeye? I swore he didnt even have it on gold

He has HOF range extender lol. I’m not sure about deadeye. But trust man even if he doesn’t he makes contested shots all the damn time. Russell is a hidden go. He shouldn’t be this good. But he is lol. Grab and never look back my guy


How’s his jumper? I remember it being just ok in 2k17

It’s very very good. Way better than previous years. I hate using Russ but this year he is just such a good player I can’t ignore it. Pretty cheap too tbh


Thanks I shouldve copped him for 50k last night. He went up to around 60k

Do u offball?

Only in TTO. I’m not gonna play him a ton of mins tho, Magic does most the work at PG

If u don’t then Westbrook, if u do then lonzo, 6’6 player model, kinda ripped and 90 on ball steal tendencies with Hof pick pocket

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RWB for sure

Or CP3


I wonder how good PD wall will be? He’ll be pretty comparable to RWB. That being said, Russ is an absolute animal. I use him at the 2 for some off guard Russ action next to Lonzo

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Cp3 imo he is straight nasty

I’m gonna try to grab Russ on a cheap bid, thanks guys

Yeah I was hoping he be would be too raw for my liking. But RWB got the raw fundementals

Russ is just too fun if you play him just like the Rockets do: clear a path and set him loose.

Statistically Lonzo is crazy - gets tons of steals - but I just couldn’t get used to his shot.

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I bought him and just tested him out in all time dom on superstar and he feels amazing, his jumpshot is great. Gonna have to take him for a spin online

Wade if you can get him. Easy. Next RWB but even then i would save for a better PG. Westbrook is easy to clamp with how slow his jumper is