Best Big for TTO

If you guys play alot of TTO who are you running? Specifically if your playing a big who you playin?

I was winning quite a few recently with Limited Hibachi, Paul George, and Limited Kareem. Generally i lost to players playing SFs as the small or the Big. PD Giannis seems to be a beast as the big or the PG, and the team of all SFs with high steal like iggy, pippen and george was trouble. And of course hedo was cheesin pretty hard. Scoring with Kareem in the pick and roll and while hes beeing offballed was hit or miss but i think if you play a big hes gota have speed and LQ to match up with SFs.

Anyone using someone they think is better than limited kareem?

I run Magic, AK47 & Hakeem just fine.


I was using magic and liking his defense better than agent 0, but didnt want to shoot 3s with him or kareem and it was messing with my spacing pretty hard.


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I’m using shaq with a shoe for 67 speed with ball and thats actually funny to see that fat boy run so fast lol

If you get him open in the corner do you just attack the basket with him?

Just run PD giannis as ur big

Shaq is really fast with the boost people don’t expect him to he driving or even do a fast break its fun when people don’t off ball

PD Ralph.


Diamond wilt

Go wilt gets all the rebounds.

This is my successful lineup. HOF Dimer to Hakeem with 87 3 ball is lethal and people don’t really expect it.

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Right now I’m running Magic, AK, and Webber. I’m about to unlock Wilt though, then I’l swap out AK probably.

ya with those hot zones in the corner too. Just havent gotten hakeem yet.

I Ike PD Blake as my big personally.
PD Arenas, PD Magic and PD Blake

Im running Magic,Giannis,Hakeem and posting everybody up. Its usually a mismatch for someone and they all knock down 3s at a high percentage. So im winning at least 90% of my games.

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Brook Lopez.

Dream. Leave open at the 3…83 open 3. Post fade 99 with Kobe shoe. Easy Money :dollar:

Yeah patience is key but it’s a guaranteed mismatch somewhere.

I’m running PD Ralph instead of Hakeem.

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