Best Badges for Each type of playstyle?

Looking to find the best badges for each type of playstyle/ Archetype to run on park. Almost getting ready to make a secondary build and debating on a lockdown.

Maybe a slashing Lockdown or slashing playmaker which seem OP.

Also looking for badges for shooting to help a buddy of mine out too.

Any build like those two without shooting will require you to have shooters with you don’t forget that. As for shooting badges

Hot zone hunter (get the hot zones)
Catch and shoot (Less important for primary ball handler)
Range extender
Flexible Release

I like tireless and volume as well and you could switch flex for green machine if you feel like you’re hitting greens consistently.

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Yeah flexible is really important this year i forgot lol.

Def one to run plus need a good shot release. people are saying a dwade base is best this year for green window

Depends on position from what I’ve read. I’ve been liking Ray Allen for my stretch but my guard friends like their tony Parker and trey Burke

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Heard that too for ray allens shot

Shooting: HZH Range Catch and Shoot
Slasher: Contact finisher, Slithery finisher, consistent finisher, pro touch
Passer: Dimer, Floor General, Needle Threader
Defender: Clamps, Intimidator, pick pocket, pick dodger
Bum: Showtime, Steady Shooter, Ice in Veins


This badge is actually very good I use it on HOF with my lock and in pro am we play a zone and when you have 2 locks with HOF trapper it makes the pg or anyone with the ball automatically go into a jumpball or it makes them throw it out of bounds but it seems like a bad badge but it’s pretty good

My favourite badges are heart crusher,flashy passer and volume shooter that just me not sure if anyone else has tried these but I like them

interesting. my one badge i use most on there for defense is intimidator since im a center.

never really tried pro touch that much is it OP?

if you can get contact dunks pro touch is not a high priority but its great for layups

Heart crusher is one of the most impactful badges in the game. Put all your team with that, or at least the most defensive-mind guys… it destroys the other team with a few steals/blocks.

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thats one im kinda interested in putting on as well

It’s good for guards. Not OP but kind of like a staple badge

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Yep heart crusher is crazy good my mate got a block at the start of a park game and all 3 guys were cold for the majority of the game :joy:

even gold is good right? I might try it tonight

I fixed it lol

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I’m not sure I think on gold you can make 1 guy go cold after a steal or block but I think on HOF it allows you to make everyone on the court go cold on the other team

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Personally think pickpocket does almost nothing, I get on ball steals with like a sub 60 steal rating and no pickpocket.

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Also this one I’m not convinced of but someone was trying to tell me needle threader wasn’t good this year but I feel like it is. Thoughts?

Needle Threader is amazing. You unlock different passing animations the higher the badge tier too and of course its wonderful through tight windows. Its an absolute must IMO

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Needle theater is amazing special for a Pnr player like me , passes are so slow without it