Best Badge Plz

I got 5 to choose from… glue hands, fast twitch , blinders, hyperactive and rim protector … NEED it preferably for Ja … thanks in advance for help

Bit of an uneducated response but I’d think Blinders is the answer here…


Thank you… blinders going once… going twice…

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If it’s for JahJah, then yea I would go with Blinders as well, with hyperdrive in close 2nd but only if it’s for Ja

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no love for Rim Protector?

Honestly, on next gen - I can get so much separation on step backs now, so circus threes is a big one for me. If I can get one HOF circus threes in Lamelo then GG

I chose blinders … don’t regret it


I did pick two from this season - rim protector and glue hands. I already have two blinders :slight_smile: