Best Auctionable Players by Tier

Hey guys, so here are in my opinion the best starter by tier (emerald - sapphire - ruby - amny - dia - pd).
These players are all in the action house ( so no rewards player, bye ak47, henny )

Was realy hard to pick only 5 players, they are so many good option in each tier, like i could easly pick 10 players who are almost at the same level. So i will add one honorable mention by tier.

I know everybody s’gonna go crazy like “WTF this is trash where is kobe? are you kidding me dog !!!” I get it and thats why i post this, i want you to give your opinion and if a name is comming back and forth i will add him.
If you agree on most of the players, leave a like.

I will try to keep this thread alive and update this when new player are release.

Sapphire / Emerald Tier :

Honorable mention : Sapphire Tmac - Brook Lopez Emerald

Amny / Ruby tier :

Honorable mention : Jianlian Yi amny / Miles Ruby

PD / diamond tier

Honorable mention : pd Bron / diamond kawhi


Waiting for your feedback, this was realy hard to pick only 6 players specialy for the diamond, ruby and sapphire tier but i feel like this is pretty accurate and i would run this if i had to pick 5 players.

The diamond was pretty stack, with KD, Kobe, scottie, penny… and the sapphire aswell a lot of good option like doug christhie and sarunas.

For the diamond i realy think KAT would destroy any guy in this tier at the 4 thats why i put him in there, because he got the speed aswell ( 80 for a big men ) so when you add shoe and coach thats crazy good


Really helpful. A lot of us have good teams but we beat domination withe the lower cards when the game came out. Good showing people you don’t need the newest card to have fun and win.

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Sapphire Lonzo needs to be in there. Dude plays like a Diamond for me


Yeah i agree but i didnt put lonzo because of his low three throw, and thats kinda bad for a PG but yeah he is nice. With the patch i think larry huges is way better than lonzo


pretty good

limited KAJ should be in over arenas

KAT out for pippen

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Pippen at the 4 ? can he hold is own against big 4 like kat ? i dont know but why not, i dont like pippen release thats why but he is great.

For KAJ to be honest he is like one of the only card i didnt try, he look nice but does a non shooting center is better than limited arenas ? Like gilbert with the patch can now contest shots and he is so cheesy when you get his release down.

if a lot of ppl ask for kareem i will put him in there for sure

Kat should not be there, but everything else looks pretty dang good!


My first idea was to remove KAT for the 1rst PG13 at the 4 and give some space for SF like durant or pippen. But i was like this KAT is realy good, and pg 13 can’t play D on KAT at the 4 so not sure about this one

take klay out and slide giannis at sf and put blake at pf.
take kat out and put 1st pg13 at pf and pippen at sf

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i know klay is best at the SG but i dont see him leaving the starter for blake, like this guy need to be in here he create so much spacing

Gonna remove KAT for sure if more ppl agree on this, even if i like him at the 4

Hell, you might as well replace Gasol with KP. Dude is a legit Diamond+ in disguise.

this amny KP is a PD :D. Actualy playing him in my godsquad

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It ain’t even fair. I’ve been running PD Payton, PD Shaq, and Amy KP in TTO for an hour. I lost one game bc I messed up at the end and lost by a basket.

emerald nate mcmillan needs to be in top 5.

sapphire Carmelo Anthony needs to be in top 5

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I would replace Butler with Ben Simmons on amethyst teir and for diamond I would replace pg with kiki and Marc with shaq personally

No Murray on the diamond squad? Get the fudge out

Noway murray can be here bro, they are to many diamonds gods like durant pippen, kobe, richmond, iggy, kiki

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I’d agree with sapphire Lonzo comment. Also sapphire D’Angelo was pretty ridiculous for me as well.