Best auctionable centers?

Best auctionable centers?

i cant spend 450k on kareem even though i can afford it, because it seems like too big of a chunk of mt for one player. what other centers (no token rewards or lockins) that are really nice. eventually ill get embiid but im a ways away


I think if there’s any positions worth splurging for right now, it’s PG and C.

Kareems value over replacement is very high. He’s worth the premium.

But if you really don’t want to spend your MT, I’d recommend Hakeem. If you’re looking to go real cheap, Oden.

if i get a kareem, i have basically no point guard, so my options are a little thin. i really wish there was an in between of 50k for oden and 450k for kareem. i was hoping dirk would be it but apparently not so im just waiting

Pd AD is still incredible…


whats ur lineup

this and 484k

I don’t know man, Kareem is an auto bucket inside. I have won so many games just from dumping it off to Kareem 4 possessions in a row for a sky hook. Just works for me!

Agreed. Others can go budget.

If not kareem than try if oden fits you

Downgrade AK and buy Kareem.

There are cards closer to AK for cheaper. Theres no auctionable card close to Kareem.

how much MT do you have?

no i can afford kareem with 484k thats not the worry. i just wish there was an in between where i didnt have to spend every dime

Try Bagley real quick

like him but again i dont think running a 2k center when i have almost 500k is worth it

You tried Dirk at center

no people keep saying hes ass

Not entirely sure how your MT stack is directly correlates to what a certain card can or can not do for you on the court, i would honestly try all those options like Bagley, Hakeem, Oden and etc and just see which one fits best.

Filling your team with cheap options and having good amount of MT at all times to upgrade is always a good thing.

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bagley doesnt have enough badges for me, i never liked hakeems offense, i really like oden but i kind of wanted to upgrade

If you only have 484k you can’t afford Kareem. You could buy him but you wouldn’t have anything left like you said.

Which is why I said get rid of AK47 theres plenty of cards who can stand in the corner and play D for way less than the 250k-300k that he goes for.

Pocket the AK47 MT , buy Kareem and grab a cheap 3 and D guy Iggy, Gay, Butler, SL Kawhi, etc.