Best auctionable card in the game?

What do you guys think? Curious to hear who and why

The GO Centers
And GO Melo/PG13

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ruby reggie lewis

For me it’s GO MELO



GO Kareem is a savage. I didn’t tried GO Magic long enough so for now I’d say Kareem



GO Limited Jordan and Kobe.

Kareem. 99 ofensive consistency, almost 0 bricks if you take open shots and know the release. And of course, the full Center package.

Yao owns Kareem

Faster, jumps higher, better shooting, better handles

Yao is a bit overrated

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yao got giannis crossover thats all he needs

Yao have his time now, until they drop PD Sabonis and make him a GO with Porzingis DD.

Kareem is far better.

Yao has size, but his moves are slow, easy to block sometimes.
Kareem breaking the rim every time he’s in the paint.

I would never Iso with Yao

Yao hook shot is unlockable & goes in. Much better shooter everywhere than Kareem & much better at protecting the rim. It’s not even close. Kareem gets owned every game I see him. Maybe it’s just me.

In my opinion, Yao can make a baby to anyone in the post but he is not able to do some things. With good working in the post you can be a god with Kareem inside like Yao.
Also, Yao it’s a nightmare in the paint doing helps and everything, but you can score easy on him 1vs1 in the post triggering some animations. On Yao, Kareem, and the mother of all… 1vs1 post defense is hilarius.

Kareem>Yao for me. Never a card carry me to get 12-0 so easy. Over 30 points per game in that 12 run to get Gervin.

I’m loving Moses at the 4. Fast. Awesome jumper. Dunk animations are ridiculous.

Im not a big baller, so this is my sub200k recommendation.

I would imagine (besides Limiteds) one of the GO SFs is gonna get the community approval tho. Or Yao.


Paul George for me. Maybe Yao as well (limited play time)


Sapphire Jahlil

Yao for sure. He’s literally unguardable

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