Best Auctionable C?

Who do you guys think is the best auctionable center in the game? Currently I have D-Rob starting and run either Shaq/AD at C off the bench (depending on matchup). Specifically, is Sabonis better than all those guys?

AD Good Also

How’s Sabonis on Post D. AD can get bullied by stronger C’s sometimes which is why I go with Shaq sometimes

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I think Oden is maybe the best center available… period.


I run defensive coach. So he becomes a beast.

Basically Sabonis only weakness is Speed/Latquick but I manually run him to the other court.
Other than that I think he has no weakness.

sabonis or shaq

budget: oden or drob

Or Hakeem if you like to score in teh post, he can score way better than D Rob and is 25k. He’s similar to Sabonis in that he’s an absolute god with no weaknesses other than speed and LQ in the 70’s. He drains limitless threes for me even. I’d take him over any other auctionable center, and score most of my points with him when he’s on the floor. Post fade to a 99 with a shoe.

Sabonis or D Rob. Oden if you dont post up bc his animations suck ass.

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I really like D Rob.

I’ve used all the C’s and he’s my favorite when fully badged out + shoe.

He has the absolute best post animations and jumper.


Hakeem’s animations are better.



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True but he isnt anywhere near as athletic as Drob.

PD Gilmore pretty bad ass.


Sabonis limited KAJ


depends on your scheme, i run switch everything on defense so Drobs high lateral quickness is what makes him stand out

I have PD Shaq, Limited KAJ, DRob, Di Hakeem, Big Z and have owned PD Nate and PD Artis. Recently I got a Sabonis due to the crash and have fully converted to the church of Sabonis.

He moves a lot quicker than that 37 lat quickness says. I think it’s his huge player model. He’s a lot bigger than Shaq’s or anyone else. Also his passing, 3 pointer and post fade are amazing. I run Pop so his strength is 99, which means nobody can back him down.

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DRob, Bill and Oden.

dont forget ralph sampson


Sabonis or Limited KAJ, really depends on your play style.

Sabonis, DRob, Oden.