Best Auctionable at Each Postion?

Sup guys, took a break, decided to jump back in. Need to get a squad.

Whos the best player at each position?
Should i just go for DM cards? I always prefered Magic cards, is he better than DM Rose?

How is DM Zion? Does small size hurt him? Giannis?

Def gonna get KG though.

Appreciate the advice.

Zion imo is the best card in the game right now, atleast on current gen.

Welcome back man!

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Thanks bro,

btw what is the difference between cards with cartoon pic vs real pic, they seem to have same stats, is cartoon one really 200-300k better than non cartoon one?

Sorry if the question sounds silly. It seems like one has more HOF badges but its so hard to tell which ones since there are so many. Im mainly talking about Zion i guess.

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It’s two different sets, the comics one lock-in reward are DM Coaches. I think they also may have extra HOF badges.

Thank you.