Best athlete ever

Not the greatest with career achievements, who is just the most well rounded athlete of all time.

The only ones I could think of are LBJ, and Wilt from BBall
And Jim Brown, and Bo Jackson from football.


tom brady

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bo jackson

all star in the nfl & mlb — insane


to anyone who disagrees with me…watch his combine.


We all know that people generally have gotten bigger and stronger over time.

But if you consider how athletes dominated their own era, some of the old timers that stand out:

Jesse Owens
Carl Lewis
Jim Thorpe
Mickey Mantle

More contemporary pure athletes:
Bo Jackson


Football-Bo Jackson
Baseball-Ken Griffey Jr

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I don’t know baseball at all, so I didn’t include any

Lots of good options named here.

Don’t forget Deion Sanders


Usain Bolt.

He’s the best ever at one part of athleticism, but he isn’t special at anything else

Jarryd Hayne. He was at the end of his prime when he went to the NFL but watch his highlights from the 2009 NRL season and he was sublime. Maybe not on the level if some guys mentioned but he was incredible. The 2009 season, everytime he touched the ball it made you think he was going to do something crazy that left you in awe.

Lebron or Bo Jackson


Prime called… Said put him on the list :muscle:


I don’t think athletes have physically evolved a whole lot, as that would take thousands or millions of years to notice.

I think the technology and the knowledge that we’ve sustained in the last 100 years is what has made the athletes perform better. Through technology and trial & error, we’ve been able to discover what works and what benefits our body better.

Have Bullet Bob Hayes or Chamberlain born in the 1990s and they’d wouldn’t have the lack of stuff that they didn’t have back in their time.

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Yes not evolution on a genetic level—you are correct that takes time for something that lives as long as a human being (you can actually observe it in organisms with ultrashort life spans and rapid reproduction such as bacteria).

The difference is probably due in largest part to training and nutrition. And the fact that economic development and lifestyle changes have allowed for more people to participate in sports, so the pool of potential athletes is larger.

Yeah, wilt played his career in those uncomfortable canvas converse

Prime LeBron

Bo Jackson is the only correct answer here. He was a legit All-Star in football and baseball and a potential Hall of Famer in both as well if not for his freak injury.

Props to Wilt, Bron, and Neon Deion, but Bo was a true freak of nature.

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