Best Amy reward option?


Haven’t got there yet but I gotta think it’s Dirk or Marbury depending on need/fit

The others that catch my eye are Nance and Terrell. They could be a bit of fun.

Dirk or Starbury. With the improved post game this year I’m takin dirk once I’m there

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Depends on what you need. They all are good at different things. The amethyst category is a bit underwhelming, but I’d probably say Dirk or Bibby. If you need an all around beast go with Junior Bridgeman.

Geoff Petrie. If you get his shot down he’s the bestestest. There’s nothing he can’t do and his dribble moves, especially his sizeups are awesome.

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I’ve been leaning toward him and sloan. Don’t need big guys rn need a backup/starting PG

Him and Sloan are my two PGs. Both are great but have slightly awkward releases. Sloan is slightly better on D and Petrie is slightly better offensively. So it depends on what you need more.

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