Best amethyst pf token reward

Which pf is best from the amethyst token market? Need someone for my squad to get through all time domination. My best pf’s are garnett (ruby) cliff ( not evolved) chambers and antoine

Thurl is a great rebounder and defender. Really fast too. Can’t really shoot like last year tho…

He isn’t a twig this year either, he’s a big boi now. Just can’t shoot 3’s

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Maybe Coleman idk its tough. Your better off going for Cliff Robinson. Jerry Lucas looks like a top PF tho once you hit diamond market.

Thurl by far

Coleman is solid in all areas

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I agree that Coleman is solid. He is far from a go to guy, but he won’t let you down either if you just occasionally go to him for an open 3 or on defense.

Pair Magic with a PF/C and he’s the best

I picked thurl and hes been solid for me so far. Dc’s speed with ball is too low for my liking, so ima stick with thurl as my only pf from this set.

I like Thurl the best and idk if you use him, but did you upgrade KG? He’s great