Best 500k "budget" team?

What is the best team you can build for 500k in my opinion it is:

PG: PD Prime Russell Westbrook (80k)
SG: PD Prime Klay Thompson (100k)
SF: PD Moments Aaron Gordon (100k)
PF: D Moments Bam Adebayo (70k)
C: PD Prime Shaquille O’Neal (100k)

Save 50k :slight_smile:

Unpopular opinion, Amy Shaq is almost just as good as PD Shaq. He’s been a beast for me

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Yeah or maybe PD Hakeem would be good.

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Best C in the game

Who lol


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oh ok lolll

PD jimmy butler over klay. save another 50k


now with that 100k saved sell shaq and get pd porzingis


aint he kinda weak thooo?

I use klay because he has hof range extender

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nah bro that dont even matter

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same reason you need porzingis will bring dudes all the way out the paint

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ight bro

thanks <3

Np man

Tried both, pd Shaq just does things amy doesn’t, well worth the upgrade, but if on a budget Amy all the way

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Wilt still killing for me, also Walt at pd if on budget

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Agreed. I been using the PD but tried the Amy and he just doesn’t move like the PD on defense or with the ball.

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Yes running pd Yao at center and pd Shaq at pf, it’s trouble for opponents