Best 3pt play in nets playbook?

Best 3pt play in nets playbook?

I’m a basic BITSCH and will attempt the lin grind, and totally stop my MIND NUMBING Kidd grind. (We really banning the B word out here doe?)

I need a 3pt play tho bc his evo requires them.


Yep. No more biznitch. You can apparently make borderline sexist and racist comments, but that’s off limits


Damn, well that’s weak sauce

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Does language even matter on here anymore? Been next to no modding lately anyways

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Their auto mod stopped me! No one stops me but myself!

How dare they stop the VORK!!! I’m fucking outraged

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I am EQUALLY enraged


Bump, 3pt play? Bitches

Quick Dive Floppy

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Somebody called my wife ? Still asleep

The play 2 above quick thru sts. Assign to Lin.

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Still tired from being up with me all night last night?

Sorry, not sorry… Yeah a little sorry my bad

You don’t need play. Just cross over and create space. Or get you big man to set a pick the slide to shoot.