Best 2K soundtrack all-time?

I’m at the bar currently and just heard them play Dan Black ft. Kid Cudi - Symphonies and immediately memories came flooding to my head of NBA 2K11… the first ever Michael Jordan edition.

I remember loving that soundtrack for some reason and was thinking about all the 2K soundtracks over the years.

What’s your all-time 2K soundtrack? Favorite track ever that you never woulda heard otherwise?

2k11. Everytime electric feel came on…even 2k10 had a goat soundtrack. That ron artest song champions was nice.


2K10, 2K11 or 2K14

I like Damage :innocent:

2k11 2k15

2K14 is my favorite. It helped discover Paradise on Earth. Fire song lol

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Anything but 2K15

Speak of the devil… Dom just did a video on this very topic. Check it out!

When I hear 2K11, Shutterbug, I cry a little

I like:

2k17 (tryna get the bands, mariachi) (and that chick singing song, flames:

2k17 was good too specially that Majid Jordan

2k11 didn’t have electric feel lol

Might be biased seen it was the first 2K game I fully got into but 2K17. Every song except maybe one or two is still in my playlist. Only about 25% of 2K18 makes it and then just a couple from 2K19 (though I enjoyed that game itself more than the others).

Lol it was either that or 2k10 but regardless good times

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2k16 and 2k15

Just listened to “Crown of Thorns” by Rakaa ft Aloe Blacc… Man, that was my jam

2k11 gets my nod