Best 2 gaurd in the game

Have a 300k budget or should I just grind for Kobe

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Get demar opal


How long would Kobe take me?

A lot of time

Serious answer: If you grind it hard like around a week.

120 playing hour. you know how fast can you play 2k for 120 hour

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Dirk or Klay

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Is dirk really good slot of people said he too sluggish but a 7’0 90 lateral quickness 2 gaurd sound nice asf


Klay or jr

he’s literally the best shooting guard in the game

people call him ass cuz they can only rim run without dribbling at all

I really really like this Dirk card, just got him a couple hours ago :joy::joy::joy: only downside is he gets cooked by the better 2 guards defensively. offensively he’s really good and more important for me, fun.

JR is really good for conventional 2s, he doesn’t have any real weaknesses and his shot is water

If youre talking about strictly peek and pnr 2 guard who can shoot the quickest off the screen its Glen Rice.

Good auction options after that is Tmac/Klay. Otherwise grind for Kobe or token Demar.

Forget Kobe. Grind for Glen.

  1. Glen
  2. Klay
  3. Dirk

I count Wade as a PG

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Why’s Dirk so high? Is he good? Looks like ass to me :sweat_smile:

He’s ass

Yeah no matter what anyone says about that Dirk, I refuse to trust that jumpshot of his

Klay looks like a gem though, grinding the MT towards him right now haha

And that’s really HARD HARD.

I’ve managed to do 2-3 Teams a day this weeks. And it feels like there is no progress :smile:

I just sent this to one of my guys here who mentioned Dirk…

That shot is just too slow for me. Honestly what surprised me is his defense. A 7 foot SG changes eveything on D. He plays the lanes and wrecks havoc on D. He gets blocks and rebounds just off size alone.

In the right hands I can honestly see him being the best card in the game. He can dribble like irl Curry lol its weird using a Dirk that can move. His player model is huge. If he had a better jumper hed break the game.

He can single handedly win a game though. No 2 can guard him in the post. Im either going to sell him back, put him in my last 3 or make him the main focus off my bench.

He doesnt really fit what Im trying to do. I have Glitched Tmac, Rice and Wade to hold ball. Dirk shot is too slow to spot up for me. He dribbles so good though lmao But with how a lot of people play here they can just post cheese with him.

So yeah either I build my whole bench around him, sell him back or leave him in my last 3 to cheese with in a close game.


If his shot is too slow that’s a no for me, I guess he can’t three hunt? Would be fun to use a dribbling Dirk though haha