Bench SF and PF suggestions?

I love my starting lineup but I’m having trouble finding a rhythm with my bench. I could also use some suggestions for my bench PF spot.

Magic has a grey and orange Kobe shoe and Jordan has +9 open 3pt shoe.

What is working for you guys? I have 130kMT in the bank.

I would pick up a PG and move Durant or Bron to his natural position.


I have started magic at the 1 but since I picked up the new Bron with HOF dimer I would rather have size to guard other teams brons and giannis’ on my starter and bench PG. Also not sure what you mean about putting durant in his natural position? He plays the 4 more than the 3

No, he definitely doesn’t. He plays the 3 most of the time. Obviously it’s match up dependent as well as when the run the death line up. Maybe putting Jordan at the point would work well. Occasionally I’ll run him there and he does well. My other suggestion would be waiting for Simmons to come out assuming he gets an award card.

AK47 is a steal for his price

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Yeah I didn’t even think of that. He’s like a Draymond on steroids that scores better. he’s be a great addition to your team. You’d be able to run like crazy.

Does AK play better at SF or PF? I have a diamond curry 2 low shoe I wa sthinking of putting on PD Robinson

The problem is that in the dark world of SuperMax, an undersized PG is feasted upon like beachgoers in a Jaws film.

Magic is a great option, but he truly needs that curry shoe, preferably the high-top. I sold mine not long ago and regret it immensely.

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I get that. but my baby. it baron has done well so far against the brons and Giannis of the the 2k world. key word so far haha. but baron is a machine sent back from the future to protect Sarah Connor. Have I mention I hope he gets a diamond today?

Lmao 98 CP3 is great for me. He picks these guys but he also is no match for the zig zag. That’s the only reason I say undersized guards are dinner. That stupid back and fourth zig-zag bullshit is impossible to defend. A larger frame at least can initiate a bump here and there.

I’m using 98 CP3 right now, but I’m def trying to make moves to get that 98 LeBron as well.

I have the 97 but I want that 98 too. I think I’m going to.grab PD Jordan first. I’ve been holding off but it’s time to get him.

Do you actually like amethyst paul george, he was absolute garbage for me…

I like mine a lot sometimes he has games where he doesn’t play well but for the most part he’s pretty darn good.

If you’re on PS4 there are 2 Beasley’s for cheap on the AH, I just saw them. He plays pretty fucking awesome in SM, and has a 250 salary.

is one of them yours??? :joy::joy:

lol nvm I read your other post wrong?

I have good news and bad news bro

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Yeah, he is money for me. idk it is one of those things where I have his release timing down perfectly. I hae Amy Kawhi but PG13 knocks down way more shots for me