Bench, sell, start. Opal Simmons , opal magic or pd Giannis

Bench, sell, start. Opal Simmons , opal magic or pd Giannis

Bench,sell, start?

Start giannis at the 1, start magic at the 2 and start Ben at the 4.


Not an option

Start who u like the most
Sell who u like the least
Bench the other guy
Since you own the cards already it’s all preference


Start Simmons.
Bench Giannis.
Sell Magic.

Just what I did out of personal preference.

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Magic and Ben are the best versions of them we will get, Giannis is still due an Opal upgrade so I say sell him.

Start Magic, bench Simmons and you can sub him in at the 1 or 4 depending on matchups

What’s the rest of your team look like :eyes:


exactly how i was thinking.

also i dont trust giannis with his 70 str at the 4 for me so hes less versatile in that regard as well.

gonna just get the opal giannis later


Keep magic whatever you do.


Start PG Ben SG Magic
Bench PG Giannis

Start Magic, bench Ben, and sell sell sell Giannis.

I’m done with Ben. I just played a Magic and he absolutely murdered me. I couldn’t stay in front of him and he locked me up. My Ben isn’t evod but still Magic’s handles are superior it isn’t even close.

That and in tt hate that I cant have anyone under 6’10 or he gets moved to Sg

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Ben Simmons is the best 4 in the game

Giving up on Ben pre evo is a mistake. The shooting unlocks the card


Opal Kareem is the best 4 in the game good sir.

Faxx he go super Saiyan full evo

I agree lol

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I realized I still had a few Domination games to play, and I need those jerseys for card count, so I decided to play a few.

I just finished beating the All Time Heat with Opal LBJ, Wade, Shaq, etc. My starting 5 was Greek, Mamba, Durant, Simmons and Kareem. The Heat scored 19 points total lmao.
I know it’s offline, but still… If I had to play a game for my bank account, that would prolly be my starting 5.

Yea maybe I’ll see 150 threes away. If he doesn’t blow me away tho he’s gone, he’s been good for but that game Magic just owned him and controlled the entire game in a way Ben hasn’t for me. Bens dribbles hinder him some

I just put Evo Ben on the block. His shot was slow but easy to green, and he felt a little stiff in the P&R.

I agree he might be a top PF in the game rn, but I’d rather have the 600k mt.

Now I start Magic and run Giannis at the 1 off the bench.

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I was in the same boat. Spent a few hours a day playing rookie modes trying to green deep shots with a slashing passing beast, for no reason other than 2k decided to disrespect reality for profits again. Realized wtf am I doing and let him go at 200 made 3s.

There is little difference in price between Evo non-evo. Especially during crashes. Try him as he’s meant to be used.

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