Bench pf

PD Blake is my starter looking for a back up to him any help?

Grind for Larry Johnson

Draymond or Mo Lucas

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Larry is currently my back up SF

And draymond is starting sf

Tom Gugliotta is my favorite power forward. His jump shot is so quick, and his dunk and post animations are great. For him just work the high post, and run pick and rolls with him. Also, make sure you utilize his post step back. It’s the same one I use on my Post Scorer in Park, and it creates so much seperation.


Wait. Does he have hop 10???

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One more thing I forgot to add, if you put a ball control shoe on him,(I use Jordan 3’s)he doesn’t fumble the ball when you dribble or do a hopstep, so you can iso up with him too.

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How much is he

I think he goes as low as 30k now.

Thank you for this.

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I have dan Issel and I still love him. Easy greens. Guggs is nice with that quick release, and Draymond is hard to beat for the price. Hedo is nice being 6’10 and speed boosting, as well as having nice shooting, but hes a hologram on D against PF’s like blake. Pick your poison I guess

AK47, Moses, and occasionally Shard.

I would have to disagree that it’s hard to green with Gugliotta. Might just be a personal thing for me because I’ve always used fast jumpers on park and pro am, but I’ve had so much success with his shot.

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My bad, I meant to say “guggs is nice” not guggs is not.

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Is there rating threshold that prevents them from fumbling? Is there a solid rating like the 86 speed boost.

Googs or Kenyon

Yes, 70 ball control is needed

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Thank you.

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