Bench changes

Starters: Frazier TMac Bird KPor Hakeem
Bench: Dirk/Dwight Giannis RJefferson DrJ BDavis

I’m thinking about trying out a new big man and PG off the bench to go with Giannis RJ and Dr J, any ideas or keep it?

Bosh is still a solid big man if you like his release

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Give your boy Smart a try if you haven’t HoF intimidator is no joke


How much is he? I’m trying not to invest too much into my bench

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Really no idea :joy: he’s part of the Flash promo which the reward is Ruby Tacko so his price is probably reasonable. Probably between 100-150k at most. Might even be BIN by now

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probably 150 late night, currently 160 with 10 mins left on the box

He was all the way down to like 120 last night, but maybe that was just from the new token reward noise.

I only finally benched BD for GO Penny. Really no reason not to use him, unless you’re just really bored of him.

Diamond moments AD, ayton, new Brook lopez, bosh, all solid options.

I was actually using AD until KP dropped (had bosh, but sold him at 200k before new pack drops). That card just has such an easy to green release.

If you’re running Dirk already, I feel like the new Brook Lopez is a great option. I’m sort of mad I don’t really have a spot for him with Yao/KP/Drob.

Brolo can be interesting option to try if you in Dia market.