Ben Wallace

Who here has used him. He looks like the perfect center for my Hedo and Friends lineup. He’s cheap to it seems or am I trippin?

Artis Gilmore is better and cheaper.

I got Gilmore in a pack so I wanted to try to run em both.

Gilmore doesn’t look BETTER tho. Offensively yea but Ben Wallace has the badging advantage and the speed and mobility. Ben Wallace has 95 lateral quickness. Switch errrthang

Ben’s badges are misleading brotha. 6’9 might as well be 6’5 with how often he comes up empty on boards. And straight liability on the other side. Sagging off is an understatement to how anyone decent plays against him

I’m not worried about them sagging off. It triggers computer D so I’ll be able to destroy their computer. They do the same thing to Deandre Jordan. Makes the game easier. But if he doesn’t snag boards then ima just stick with Jordan as the backup and let Gilmore take over the starting spot. I’m excited to try this Gilmore because he also has post offense. I feel like he will have rebounding rim protector takeover but I want the post scoring rim protector takeover


Dont listen to these scrubs ben is a god


I used him for a long time - he’s a great role-defensive specialist - at PF spot.
Not a Center.
Can be a liability on offense against very good players.
But it’s a fun card to used because his defensive intensity/animations.

Ben Wallace was one of my favorite cards for like half of 2k17. Amy Steve Francis and Ben Wallace were a lethal duo

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he has good stats and badges but the issue is his player model is literally the worst I’ve seen this year and the gets snagged on constantly because of it.

He’s about the size of Eddie jones or the typical 2 guard and noticeably smaller than other 6’9 players. his arms and as skinny as possible and hang about to his waist. It just irks the shit out of me.


Damn so he’s more of a 4 man. That won’t work as well. I need him as an undersized center

If I did get him what should I pay ?

I mean give him a try. I wouldn’t be surprised it he goes up in price a bit. I sold him just because looking at him made me rage haha

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What’s an ideal price point

I had Shawn Marion and tony Parker that Marion was so good

I don’t see him falling much below 100k for awhile. and if cp3 is as good as he looks ben may rise.

I should have paid the 90

I saw him pretty consistently for 85 the last day or so. Mine got 100k fortunately

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Marion was a fiend too. I had all the amethyst and diamond rewards but Marion, Francis and Ben were the most tenured

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He’s trash don’t get him

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