Ben Wallace glitched?

Is Wallace glitched on the AH or is there just none up

Bro, this is about the fifteenth thread made about this same topic. It’s been answered already. It’s just a visual glitch/there may not be any up. Search by PD or go search for him from the collection itself.


Dude is in high demand. Whoever has him just wants to keep him.


He’s end game, everyone’s keeping


I bought them all. Will be auctioning him once daily.


dayyyum! :rofl: I been ignoring this post for no particular reason but i just looked and there is only one! lmaO! WTF

Glad i kept mine

Most ppl keeping because he’ll be in high demand once the set can be locked for CP3. No glitch


Every card will be 100k like I said, just gotta be quick to grab Ben

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He’s clearly glitched. Bids won’t stay up longer than 5 mins on PS4

i am “the only one” in the world selling big ben lol

dont know he is that pricey before i put to sell


Yes, it appears Ben Wallace is obviously glitched. It is what it is. It’ll be fixed soon I’m sure. I’m sick of reading about Ben Wallace being glitched, aren’t you? :man_facepalming:t2:


Maybe people are scared of selling right now? I would be.

Must just be a visual glitch for some.

Yeah I know it’s annoying but I don’t get why people are making excuses for wack ass 2k when it’s clearly glitched. Prob did it on purpose to get people to rip packs. He was fine for like the first 6 hours on the market

damn i just missed a 100k bin


I mean I’ve seen plenty and I’ve watched bids climb. It’s worse for some than others.

I missed that one too @pennyccw. I keep losing him on bid around 140k. I won’t spend more than 120k for him.

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Plenty on xbox. visualize the glitch

actually i have bought one with diamond contract and shoes for 120k and therefore i put my normal one to sell :laughing: