Ben Wallace Animations [Can Dribble Glitch]

One Note: I forgot to show yall in the vid but he has the quick hesi either pro 1 or pro 3

Peekaboo at 1:05


His post hook and standing dunk rating is a joke. This card needs a massive overhaul

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yeah he is a perimeter only player but honestly I don’t use post hook or low post cheese so it makes no difference to me. He can be abused by the park and pro-am kids because of his pro 3 hesi and dribble glitch animations.

The jumper is also niiiiice

I’m just watching this in disgust. This mode has gone full on fantasy no sense of realism it doesn’t even matter what the actual player did they’re just using the player models and names and attaching any badges/animations that will make people buy VC smh. Why tf is Ben Wallace capable of such dribbling? With a release on par with Larry Bird and Steph Curry?? I’m gone.


you know it’s bad when Ben’s 3pt is God tier but he can’t even make a basic hook shot. @suspiciousgrape11 in shambles


3&D Small Forward???

he’s much more than 3 and D. He can be a really nice secondary ball handler. Only thing hes missing is handles for days which would make him one of the most broken cards in the game


Wo he is nice ,I will cop him ! Ye he only miss handles for days . But it’s nice to pass him after the first ball handle being tired or boxed

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should i move worthy to the bench for this ben?

To be fair Ben had 0 post game in real life

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Shaq and Ben can’t shoot

Yea but if Ben has post game he would be glitched. Can’t double glitch him it’s either shooting or post game lol

you know redd or Wiggins animations ? Maybe they can take out the idea of buying Kd

I spent my only 100k sniping big ben haha, hopefully picking up wiggins in a few hours along with rebuying big ben once my auction ends

Yeah he can dribble glitch because he’s the goat

I wish there was a way to look what what jumper he has because it legit feels like opal Currys

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That’s his sigs

Lower/Base Jump Shot 37
Upper Release 1 Release 52
Contested Normal
Free Throw Free Throw 59
Dribble Pull-Up Normal 5
Spin Jumper Normal 3
Hop Jumper Normal
Layup Package Circus
Go To Dunk Package Basic Two handers off two
Dunk Pack 2 Basic Hangs off two
Dunk Pack 3 Basic Two handers off one
Dunk Pack 4 Hangs off one
Dunk Pack 5 Under Basket Regular
Dunk Pack 6 Reverses off two
Dunk Pack 7 Under Basket Rim Pulls
Dunk Pack 8 Under Basket Athletic Flushes
Dunk Pack 9 Windmill Reverses
Dunk Pack 10 Switcheroos
Dunk Pack 11 Baseline Reverses off two
Dunk Pack 12 Windlmill Baseline Reverses
Dunk Pack 13 Windmills off one
Dunk Pack 14 Athletic Windmills
Dunk Pack 15 Athletic 360s
Post Fade Fade 9
Post Hook Hook 2
Post Hop Shot Post Hopshot 5
Post Shimmy Fade Shimmy Fade 2
Post Shimmy Hook Shimmy Hook 2
Post Spin Shot Small
Dribble Style Base
Size-Up Packages Pro 1
Moving Crossover Pro 2
Moving Behind the Back Pro 4
Moving Spin Pro 2
Moving Hesitation Pro 2
Triple Threat Style Normal 5

Is Ben for 100k a snipe? What’s his price lookin like on the 4

Pro 2 Cross? Jesus

I pulled him. His shot is ridiculous.

His Amy was one of the rare early cards who could green a shot.