Ben Wallace ain’t it chief

I’ve come to the conclusion that this card isn’t worth what he’s going for Eaton/Robinson so much more productive

Waiting for that Hakeem player of the month

Ben not a bad pf tho

Eaton can’t switch on the PG or lockdown every player in TTO.

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Telling you guys Bob Lanier with a diamond shoe


What shoe is best for him? Just got him few mins aago

I run the white Converse diamond shoe

I think he can wear any

He suprised me how good he plays

With dantoni he shows as a 94 on my loading screen

He’s only 7 less attribute points then big Ben

I actually just tried out and then sold back D Rob just because he wasn’t doing anything Lanier couldn’t for like 85k less.

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funny you say that. Kinda off topic but just played a guy with equaliser squad. my D rob got injured and i almost lost lol he had the funky pg from hawks lol

Trae Young?