Ben Simmons with 31 HOFs in AH (24h, Playstation)

Posted GO Ben Simmons with total of 31 HOF badges including HOF Unpluckable, Rise up, C&S, Dropstepper, Floor General, Vice Grip, Slithery, Dimer, Guard up, Offball pest to name the best ones. Good diampnd shoe as well (+4 to 3p, IDef, PDef, SWB, Strength).

First time I ever done this. Normally save and use my HOFs. But I pulled Ben from the rest of VC I had and thought what the hell. I hope this turns out well… :crossed_fingers:

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I’ve goty 33 HOF Pippen up for 12 hours. 414k with 2 hours to go.

I would’ve waited another week until the bans cleared but good luck! :crossed_fingers: Let us know what he goes for please


613k, not too bad under the current circumstances I think.


Allowed me to get a base Ben for 340k.

What did you get for him

Auction still going. Now around 5 hours left. Actual bid is only at 11,5k. :upside_down_face:

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shpuld have waited for another week. all the Mt whales arw banned at the moment

Just bid 49k just to make it go up :sunglasses:

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I was considering that but you never know what 2k does. We get another good PG, whales dont come back bc they are done with the game, 2k keeps banning or whatever. Besides now card is rather fresh and people wanna try it out.

But what do I know. :laughing: Maybe I should have waited.

Thx. Maybe you are lucky and AH breaks down. :joy:

Hahaha then I would feel like shit :grinning:

667k with 5 seconds to go but ended at 894k. Pretty satisfied with that result even though I had litle hope for 1 mill. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’d be happy with that. Who knows which way the market will go when everyone’s 10 day ban is over. If players come back with no MT, you’ve come out good, lot’s may be spooked and not risk buying MT. Going to be interesting.

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