Ben Simmons VS Brandon Ingram - Revisit

Who is the Better Pick? :thinking:

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Pascal better than both hahahahaha


Hahaha that’s not debatable

One chooses to sucker punch the other uses wrestling moves


I think we need to wait to see Ben Simmons in a different team before judging. Sixers are a terrible fit for him.

Even Ingram sparked after leaving the Lakers.


2 massively different players in massively different situations. Can’t really compare the 2 tbh


id take the guy who has confidence in himself to sucker punch one of his idols

Brandon Ingram shrunk two inches from last year, from official listing of 6’9” to 6’7”.

This is a worrying trend. He’s gotta get that under control


Give me Ingram. I’m not sold that Ben hasn’t already peaked


Jayson Tatum.



Simmons is incredibly overrated on this forum because he is a really good 2k MyTeam card due to being a 6’10” PG.

I’m not sure he will be a good fit on any team. His inability and flat out refusal to shoot just messes up spacing.


Gimme Simmons.

I’d like to see Simmons in a different system without a traditional big man. I could see him taking the next step in that type of system. That said, I do have worries about his work ethic. He’s in his 4th year and he still has no jumper and only finishes with his right hand at the rim. Great players fix issues like that over the summer, and I see no progress with him.

Right. I mean, he didn’t play his entire (real) rookie year. Seems like that would have been the optimal time to learn how to shoot, right?

That said, he is an incredible play maker. But what I question is his desire to improve as a basketball player.

Edit: Still thinking about this… He has really improved as a defender though, and that takes effort. I dunno. He’s really a riddle wrapped up in an enigma to me.

I personally don’t even think it’s close. They’re 2 very different players so this is kind of an odd comparison, but give me the guy who has a better feel for the game of basketball, gimme the guy who doesn’t have tunnel vision, give me the guy who could actually lead a team, give me the guy who doesn’t need the ball in his hands at all times to impact the game, give me the guy that makes his teammates better. I’d take Simmons all day between these two and it didn’t even take long for me to decide.

me the guy who could actually lead a team

And what did Simmons do to make you believe this?

give me the guy who doesn’t need the ball in his hands at all times to impact the game

Simmons is useless without the ball on offense.
All he does without the ball is taking away space from Embiid who has to sit on the 3pt line because Simmons destroys the spacing.
6’10 guy gets 2 offensive boards per game, big deal.

The main difference between thos two is that Ingram is actually improving.
Simmons made literally no improvements in 4 years. Other than being a more mature player and improving his decision making. His skillset is more or less the same.

And as you can see from the stats and the gif I posed above, Ingram is actually improving.
I’m not saying Ingram will be the next KD as they predicted on the draft day, not even close. But at least he’s improving.
Simmons stats are literally the same as they were in his rookie season.

He didn’t even improve his damn FT%.
What makes anyone think he’ll suddenly make a jump? He’s been coached by NBA development staff for 4 years now and nothing has changed.

Ingram on the other hand:

Dramatic improvements since his rookie season.
Now that he got a proper shooting coach (Lakers are (in)famous for having terrible shooting coaches), his 3pt and FT % went way up on higher usage.
Still, he’s on a bad team and we’ll see if he maintains this level of performance when NOLA becomes a playoff contender.


I’ve seen Simmons move without the ball much better than Ingram ever has. I’m not watching every single Sixers game but I know Ingram without the ball is the same player as Anthony Tolliver without the ball. Simmons has much more variety and more dimensions to his game. His game is similar to PG Lebron’s as he is someone who can get his teammates involved and running up and down the court. Ingram will never make his teammates better. There’s a reason Simmons has playoff experience and Ingram doesn’t. I just couldn’t see Ingram in a winning team personally.

I don’t know what else to tell you except that your takes are trash.
I post the stats, explain why Simmons is nowhere near the star he’s presented to be and you answer with some anecdotal evidence.

There’s a reason Simmons has playoff experience and Ingram doesn’t.

Yeah, then I guess that McCaw is better than both.

Simmons is a better player right now for some teams, depending on the fit.
But he’s been in the league for 4 years and he’s literally the same player he was at the draft day.
Ingram on the other hand has made some huge improvements.
If he was still on the Lakers and averaged even 20ppg, you people would still be talking about the next KD.

Simmons game is similar to Lebron’s only in transition.
In half-court set, he’s useless.
He doesn’t even attack the basket in a lot of games.
He’d do way better on some other teams, but he’s a terrible fit for the Sixers and is literally a detriment to their best player.
As I said, my issue with him is that he’s shown absolutely no signs that he has the right mentality and is willing to improve.
The other day I compared him to Giannis.
Giannis was just as bad of a shooter when he entered the league. He probablly airballed a hundred shots, even free throws. People laughed at him, they still do.
But Giannis has that killer mentality and is shooting 33% for 3 on 5 damn attempts per game.
On the other hand, a solar eclipse is a more common occurence than Ben attempting a 3.
His coach and teammates are pretty much begging him to do it, but he’s too concerned about his reputation and what people on social media think.


I think for most people, Simmons is frustrating because he has 1st team All NBA potential if he improved his weaknesses. Giannis had similar weaknesses and now may be the best player in the league. Simmons is the same player he was 3 years ago.

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