Ben price

How much will this card drop in price ?
I think he will go down now and then skyrocket if a pg lebron/giannis/tracy doesn’t come out soon

I’m killin his ass with giannis. 400k? Lol


What is this day 3? I dont think he’ll be below 390-430 range for a while. Not only does he have that ridiculous size at the 1 but he feels like the fastest card in the game with that HOF downhill and quick first step. HOF pick pocket and interceptor just complete the cheese. Plus they gave him an easy release to offset that low 3pt rating. All that and I didn’t even mention the HOF dimer until now. The short pack life should keep his value pretty steady I’m guessing and considering the people that have him maybe hesitant on putting him up for sale after packs expire because of how good he is means he may be more scarce on the AH


When hes out of packs he will go up until Flash Super Packs.

Don’t forget Hof floor general

PD Magic in less than a month.


Yup…or before that a Diamond/PD Penny, PG Bron or moments PG Simmons.

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I doubt that his price gonna drop. Like seriously this card is pure cheese. Glad I’ve pulled him :smile:

Magic will drop his price for sure, but one thing Magic doesn’t do is finish like Simmons at the rim. I’ve had some of the craziest posterizers this year with Simmons. It’s things like these that keeps me interested in the game this year so I’m glad we have this card. Otherwise I probably won’t be playing much.


Is it worth spending almost my mt for him?

Depends on rest of your squad, but the answer is usually no. Won’t want to tie up all your MT on one guy.

Bens jumper is also like 10x better than Magic’s.


I don’t see his price going down after tomorow , it’s a 3day release so it will become rare pretty fast , it’s a must have in MTU with Giannis , should climb back to 600k i believe unless 2k trolls and releases a PD Magic spotlight … only good point , he is not part of a collection so will not be locked
Tryed to snipe one but havent seen one …

If you’re an MT millionaire then I’d grab him before packs go away since his price is bound to go up.

If you barely have enough MT to get him then I’d just stay away since he’s not that much better than the free Magic card.

I played against Ben a bunch over the past 2 days and no one has done anything special with him yet against me I just put Paul George on him and sag way back.

I got mine for 350k i’m gonna keep and take the risk

This Simmons has all the same animations as last year, so using him was second nature for me. He doesn’t have the cheesy meta BTB, but his best move is his running between the leg and he has a cheesy running between the leg to BTB that gets linked to one move if you do it quickly, just like Giannis.

And if you remember from last year, he has a wide running hook shot to the right that is as effective as last year. Check out @earvgotti video on Ben last year for the animations.

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They are not even in the same galaxy.

Then you played bums.

This is the most overpowered card in the game.

Seriously, people who don’t have this card should stop talking about it, because they have no clue.


The Opal was my MVP last year.

His price around 450k ps4. What should be a good price?

I will wait tomorow with 400k in bank and see if i can snatch one , at 300/350k it’s a buy straight but i dont think he will drop that low , maybe during the night !!

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