Ben has a jumper now?

I guess the whole NBA better watch out

Any pro ball player can hit a shot with no pressure lol


This is like the videos that come out every summer of Hoodie Melo making 45 jumpers in a row

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Wells Fargo Center might fall down when Ben makes his first 3 in game lol

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These videos pop up every few months. I think it’s a mental block, he just has to go for it and if he struggles at first so be it keep grinding.

He will be getting extra money if he develops a jumper as a contract incentive. I don’t know if that is much motivation for someone with as big a contract as him, but I’m interested to see what happens.

The only thing that worries me about Ben is the Jenners.


Until he switches hands he will never have a consistent jumper. The dude does everything righty but shoot jumpshots lol


Not sure if it’s just the camera angle, but his hand placement on the ball looks super wack.


Yeah I notice that too. Lamelo ball has that problem too

No, he doesn’t lol not until he can pull them off in game situations. This is like a bad bowler randomly getting 4 strikes in a row in a game. Doesn’t all of a sudden mean they can bowl.

Also this reminds me :joy:


Until I see it in the regular season and it carries over into his postseason performance, then I’ll believe he can shoot, until then I’m guessing he doesn’t even care to have a jumper, yet.

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Hoodie Me7o is goated wym

Remember last off-season there was the video of JaVale hitting like 5 3s in a row from the corner, I feel like this might be the same thing

He won’t do this in the actual game

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We saw Simmons shoot 3s last summer as well, until he starts making them in actual games no one will believe him

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Like said it’s a mental thing

Seen plenty of younger guys who have bang one after another in practice, then during the game they look like they’ve never shot before

I’ve also seen the opposite… players who don’t seem to do the greatest in practice, become the most clutch person on a team


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Shaq shot 5/5 from 3pointer outside of a real NBA game. This means nothing. Pretty sure rondo would look like Klay Thompson in a street pickup game.


I always shot poorly during warmups on purpose, so that the other team would think that I couldn’t shoot. They would leave open for at least the first three shots usually. Lmao

Some guys are amazing during pickup games, but are trash in a regulation game. They make the moment to big for themselves.

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I am an amateur baller who plays pickup with friends, and I used to not be able to shoot at all. Just off Youtube I was able to learn how to shoot and I can now splash threes, in just over a year.

There is absolutely NO REASON at all for a pro NBA player, who can practice every day for long hours, not to shoot 3s except a mental block.

I mean, his talented enough to be in the NBA -> just put in the reps with one of the infinite shooting coaches out there and there you go. Must be mental 100%