Behind the back hezi.. really need help

I cant for the life of me pull of this dribble move… kills me on TTO… searched videos but none explain well… can someone help… thanks in advance

I would refer this inquiry to @At_Me_Bro_Show. When he does a deep dive video on a card, he goes over all of that player’s dribbling animations. He is really well-versed in that stuff.

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Sent him a message … thanks

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@At_Me_Bro_Show could you do something like a dribbling tutorial? great channel you have there and also subbed.

he was teaching behind the back teleport on the dwade video, I can do it the easy way away from the basket but cant do it out of the half spin. would be really keen to learn all the other tricks as well


Just do a half spin (rotate RS quarter top), sprint away from basket and flick RS up down

Tbh the move doesn’t even fool the CPU with clamps

@At_Me_Bro_Show I would love a tutorial as well. I watch all your deep dives and love them but would love a tutorial as to how to use what you isolate