Beginner Park Tips

I am just starting out on park, I’m a 6’8 Pure Sharp and I am grinding badges, I already upgraded to an 87, I hopped on the park tonight and got destroyed every game, do you guys have some tips for me to start out.

  • It’s better to play friends. Randoms are dumb af. Might have to play in Game chat
  • Might wanna grind Mycareer until you get your Shooting Badges on Gold. You will pretty much make every 3 with most non defensive builds guarding you.
  • The Latency is different in Mycareer, Park and Pro Am. So you might need a different jumpshot animation per each mode. Knowing jumpshot is important. You will be able to Green from half court.
  • Picks are important for your scoring and getting open.
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Learn to play sides with your squad as the double screen sharps are aids