Before diamond shoes skyrocket: which ones for new sim cards?

Want to grab shoes while they’re cheap. They will definitely go up as they are scooped up for these cards. Who should get what?

Blue pgs for bird for sure.
Maybe some foams for the maxed out offensive players too

A SWB shoe for McHale

I dont think they will ever go back up. Alot of the cards now barely need shoes. With that said I only want McHale and Bird for sure.

Since McHale can speed boost with Floor General Im going with a speed shoe. If I cant find a Diamond speed shoe I like then the Gold Superstars will be just fine: +3 Speed, +3 Lateral Quickness, +3 Three Pointer.

For Bird I dont know something cosmetic hes 99 down the line.

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Bird needs a shoe? I mean other than the aesthetic value.

Good point … my bad didn’t realize he’s all 99s

They gave him a 98 driving dunk. That’s their attempt at realism.

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For Pierce I was thinking PG4 as well…

Speed w ball > 95
Per. Def > 95
Ball Control > 95
Driving Dunk > 99

I use D’Antoni so the dunk is wasted but the BC gets to 99

Really wanted to boost post moves somehow (96 post fade but only 88 post moves?) but none of the diamond shoes with post moves have the other boosts I want

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he already has some of the nicest shoes imho, the converse weapon

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What does the post moves really do? Gives you better/faster animations?

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I think just increase the likelihood that the moves are successful but yeah could also improve the animations

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They were cheap last 4 days ago. Those reebok went for 6k, now they are at 15k. Sold 10 of them.

These are quite nice, but I hate the generic 2K shoes.