Been playing mostly Unlimited lately here are my final thoughts

One last message for y’all rim running, zig zagging, trail cheesing, 5 man rotation, peek a booing, 2-3 zoning bums out there. I really hate 2k20 for rewarding bad basketball I get the game is a lot of 3s these days but the trail cheese and spamming steal in the pass lanes with no consequence is ridiculous. Then people call themselves good here’s what I think of how you play:


Good thing you didn’t face the tweeners (since you didn’t mention them)… that would make this post way worse


What is the acceptable-respectful-skilled (however you wanna call it) way to play this game? Not being sarcastic or a smartass, i am genuinely curious about it when i read posts like this.

P.S. I love when people use zone against me, you just have to be a tad more patient and it’s 100% a bucket, EVERY SINGLE POSSESION.


Tweening is the worst. Im not buying 2K21 until I find out if that pathetic shit is in the game.

I don’t care about anything outside of tweening. That shit is actually game breaking.


I agree with that, but i am just asking because i genuinely don’t know how people expect others to play this game?

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This year is the worst I’ve seen. Yesterday I played a guy didn’t make one single sub. Played the same exact way the entire game with a mediocre team. Opal Steph, eddy curry, bird at Pf etc. All his guys with Gatorade by end of the third and we played for 3 OTs because his guys were still speeding past my fresh players. I expect guys to play like actual basketball I respect 5 out more than that trail cheese BS and it can work damn near every play.

What I hated about MTU this year is that could not run plays near the end. For me using the plays, setting the offense and playing man defense was fun. This year was just turbo, tween and peek. Just not fun for me, I get that it’s fun for others but the ability to run plays and sim stuff is what I like to do


I win against these guys most of the time but there are games where it’s leaning so much in their favor there’s nothing you can do. It’s more that 2k rewards the bad play. I respect any game where it feels like we’re playing on the same difficulty? The 3 point trailing cheese is just stupid 90% of them should be considered bad shots.

I would love to punch one of these guys in the face that base their whole game plan on tweening. That combined with the pressure passing lane karate chop defense is the most obnoxious gameplay I have ever encountered in a sports game. The only thing I can think of that is on the same level is when NANO blitzes were bad in Madden and you would get sacked as soon as you snap the ball years back.


It doesn’t matter which way you use to score you are a “cheeser” in 2k standards

You can’t use any of these apparently

:pick and roll
:pick and pop
:5 out
:flare screen plays
:3pt plays
:handoff plays
:horns play
:trail 3 point shots
:rim running

Literally every playstyle a 2k player uses is “cheese”

so I’m not really sure how the people who say that almost everything is a “cheese” score their points I would really like to know

I 5 out and almost everyone I have played on 2k20 5 outs so im used to it but everything in this game seems to be cheese ? :thinking:


Nah man. I get what you saying but this is a new level. Most people I’ve been playing have the same trail cheese strategy and probably using that 7 second offense crap which again is just booty. Unrealistic entirely. Chucking a deep trailing moving shot 3 literally every possession is stupid idc. I hate the others too because of the consistent suck in animations but this takes the cake for me. It’s not basketball.

Try playing this way in 2k16 or 17. When your players get tired they stop making moving shots. The game recognizes that you’re taking bad shots and you will start missing. Not this game.

Do you tween?

Lol at hating on people who tween. I personally don’t, but hate the game not the player.

People will always going to do what’s best for the them including in video games.


All this baby talk don’t ofball, don’t do this and that. Maybe if you send 20 messages to Mike Wang instead hating on forum you’d have more productive outcome.


Ya well Im not interested in playing this game any more as long as tweening is in it.

No I don’t even play the game since June the game is pure shit and people need to realise it y’all DONT have to play it just because it’s the only ball game on the market

Im not buying 21 until I find out if tweening is in it. Shit has really gotten out of control the last few weeks. It is ugly and pathetic gameplay.

I would prefer to play somebody who does a btl dribble moves than any of the other ways of scoring the whole game is trash not just “tweeting”